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Booking Enquiries: Please contact me,  Reg Botha
Cell: 082 807 4525

A workshop is scheduled to run over three days. It has theoretical and practical components to it and it’s designed to provide each participant with personal and thorough insight into gardening and garden design.

The first two days are spent focusing on the fundamentals of all aspects of garden design such as various garden styles, different plants, ways and methods of irrigation, the importance of water features and focus points etc. After the first two days, attendees are requested to prepare sketches of their gardens as they currently are and how they envisage their gardens to look.

On the last day everyone has the opportunity to present these sketches and ideas to the group. Based on the knowledge gained during the first two days, the group members make recommendations to each other and offer advice and insight. These interactive discussions serve as a constructive and supportive forum during which everyone learns and contributes.

Hartswater 2009
Tzaneen 2009


Booking Enquiries: Please contact me,  Reg Botha
Cell: 082 807 4525

I am often contacted by garden clubs and committees to present on a specific topic. The location and duration of the events where I am requested to present vary from someone’s garden for half an hour to conference venues for a morning. Gardening is my passion and I am always delighted at these opportunities.

I kindly request adequate preparation time as I enjoy including pictures and examples of case studies in my presentations.


A visit to my Garden by “Uniek-Tuinbouklub“

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