The plants that I am going to select for you are only four of many hundreds. However, I am confident that they will do your garden good. Furthermore, a selection of indigenous plants will benefit your garden enormously and help to preserve our natural fauna and flora. Among other benefits are the use of less water, the appearance of lots of butterflies in your garden and the provision of more food for your local birdlife. So let’s get to it!


December - (Enjoy a lovely holiday season!)


Dimorphotheca species
(African daisy)

This is a winter seedling

Why, why do we not plant colour during the gray and cold of the winter in the gardens?  Easy, so to lift our sprits in the months we do not want to look at the "beauty" of the gardens.

These annuals must be sown not later than late April in a lovely open space where there will be enough full sun for them to flower in the late winter and early spring months.

These daisies are also known as Namaqualand daisies and white is not the only colour. No, they will flower in orange, yellow and even a pink.

I know, November is not April but please plan to plant them next year in late April and see these lovely annuals appear when the cold of the winter starts get hold of us.

Dias Cotinifolia
(Pompon tree)

This is a winter seedling

This tree will tolerate moderate frost
Size, five to eight meters and it can spread up to two meters.

Trees, actually all plants can differ in size as indicated in the books we read. It all depends of the amount of water, places planted, food they get and the love we give them.

It is a very neat upright tree that will cover itself will the most lovely pink flowers in the spring months. In small gardens these trees will really make a difference to a garden already as nice as it is.

Water Pompon trees well after planted and give the trees compost in the same way the garden gets its compost. Make sure the whole will be one third deeper and wider when planting the tree so that they roots can start spreading in the soil.

Senecio Tamoides (Canary Creeper)

They will tolerate moderate frost.

What al lovely indigenous creeper with its thick green foliage and yellow flowers that will cover the plant from April.

This plants will grow vigorous and will need support against the walls.

After they have flowered prune them back the way you would like it to grow - actually you need to prune each plant in the garden whenever there is a branch starting to grow out of its place.

Canary creepers will also do well as a ground cover or in a hanging basket and will leave you with lots of flowers and green foliage when watered each week.

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