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Pretoria: The Garden of Reg and Zephne

My own garden and sanctuary! It remains a work in progress as I am always experimenting with new ideas and creations.  As a passionate landscape artist, I enjoy the space and freedom I have in my own environment. Discovering new corners, secrets and features in my own lush garden is a daily pleasure.

This garden is a hefty indigenous one filled with large green trees, curious cycads, abundant shrubs, diverse water features and interesting focus points. As it is a garden often visited by tour groups and garden enthusiasts, it is very much a showpiece of the potential of a mere piece of land.


Pretoria: The Garden of Hester

Hester already had a lovely established garden, but she wanted her garden to have a more dramatic impact. I redesigned the garden and used a water feature with Lavenders alongside it to create a remarkable entrance.

The colour of the pots were changed and they were filled with plants which will accentuate these focus points especially when they are fully grown and blossoming in a year’s time.


Johannesburg: The Garden of Alex

Alex has an attractive, low maintenance garden. They spend much time outside and around the pool area and wanted the garden to facilitate and compliment their lifestyle.

I felt Palm trees would be a terrific component in creating a tropical feel and these were planted around the swimming pool. The entrance with the sleeper gates provides great privacy to the back garden where they enjoy their time at home.


Witbank: The Garden of Albert and Corrie

This garden was designed in a French formal style and the plants were carefully selected to compliment this particular theme. The desired effect will be visible and prominent once the plants are fully grown which will highlight the beauty and ambience of this French image.

The entrance to the garden is structured around an impressive feature which attracts attention as a focus point.  A veranda will be the next addition to the garden to further enhance this beautiful picture.


Nigel: The Garden of Maranda

The owner of this lovely home and garden of approximately 1000m ² had a specific and clear idea of what she wanted. She requested a low maintenance garden with no grass and with a full irrigation system that will cover the entire garden area.

I used creative and interesting focus points to create a unique picture. Garden lights formed an integral part of this exceptional garden and were used to further emphasize the focus points.

Centurion: The Garden of Pieter and Annelize

Pieter and Annelize love formal gardens and had this in mind for their own. The perfectly pruned trees and the hedges are tantamount to formal gardens and they create an elegant, sophisticated look.

The shapes and sizes of all the components of this garden including the plants, water features, hedges and pots were carefully chosen and integrated. The result is a picture-perfect setting.


Pretoria: The Garden of Pieter and Melanie

Pieter and Melanie wanted to change the theme and style of their garden entirely. The big stretch of lawn was replaced with more formal tiles, stones and pot plants. This previously vacant area was redesigned to be utilized as an outside dining area.

The herb garden is a pretty and delightful part of this home and garden. As avid food-lovers they enjoy experimenting with fresh herbs from their own backyard.


Pretoria: The Garden of Batie and Shirley

Watch This Space

I received a unique request from this couple who is building a Cape Dutch style home in an estate. They desire a Mexican style garden on the side of their home. This is an interesting combination of two very different styles and I look forward to the exciting result.

This project is still in the planning phase but I will keep you updated on the progress made.


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